Remember When Books

As a little girl I used to love to dig in the dirt, looking for buried treasure. Sometimes I’d find it, too. We lived in one of the oldest homes on our street and the back yard was used as a landfill of sorts. So the garbage of yesteryear – broken china, square nails – became the loot of a young girl dreaming of adventure.

My love for ‘old stuff’ hasn’t ever diminished. If it’s rusty, I will probably love it. If it’s stained with years of use, or faded from sunshine or musty smelling, I probably believe I need it for myself. So it’s not wonder that I got in to looking at my family history. I have other relatives who have done extensive research on the branches of our family tree, both on my mom and my dad’s side. Their hours and hours of work has been a boon to my own search. But more than dates and names, I long for stories.

I’ve always been the kind of kid who could make a story out of anything. Word problems in math were always difficult because I didn’t care how many hours a family road trip would take if you went 65 MPH and travelled 3725 miles. I was the one looking at the map and figuring out where they were going and what they might see along the way. I want to hear about experiences and lessons learned and the emotions that went along with it all. I want the guts of the matter.

Hence, Remember When Books. I strive to build photo albums, cookbooks and historical narratives for families that will do more than give date and locations. I include diary entries, recipes, stories, newspaper clippings, land deeds, etc. If you have it, I can include it. Beyond that, I want to share your family’s stories with others, with your permission. I’d love to include posts about your ancestors on the blog. I won’t publish anything without your written consent. I can still make you a family heirloom to treasure and share with others as you’d like.

Prices vary depending on what your needs are. Feel free to reach me on the Contacts page and I’d be happy to go over options with you! For an additional fee I can also do some research, as well.

Contact me today and let’s start celebrating your family’s legacy!




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