For the Love of Poetry

Because April is National Poetry Month, I thought it only logical to include some poetry from my own family. Writing seems to be something that has been passed down through the generations. I am lucky enough to have handwritten works that date to the early 1900’s, having survived many travels and moves along the way.

This first piece I’d like to share is from my Grandma, Lila Lee Barr. In July of 1964 this intrepid little lady, standing at little more than five feet, gathered the gumption and equipment to start her very own newspaper in the tiny town of Maupin, Oregon. There will be more on her and her achievements in future posts. For now, I present this little ditty that she wrote and published in her very own Town and Country.

A Letter to Sears & Roebuck

Dear Mr. Sears and Mr. Roebuck:
Alas, you’re the cause of my running amuck!
I sit with your books and I wish and I dream
But the prices you ask make me stifle a scream.

Your pretty young ladies you use as your bait,
Make me green with my envy, since I’m not size 8.
I look at your dishes, your jewelry and shoes
And before long I’m prostrate with “NO MONEY BLUES.”

Why must you torment me when reading my mail.
I find that you’re having a pre-season sale.
You’re hard to resist when clearly I see,
You have just the right dress for a lady like me.

You have just the right slip-covers, just the right hat
And Junior reports you have just the right bat.
Father exclaims you have just the right tool
And sis needs that lunch-box, that’s just right for school.

Oh, I could go on like this all through the night;
For I see on each page, you have something ‘just right.’
You frustrate my ego, demolish my pride.
You bring out the worst of my temperament side.

You vex and confuse me with things that are new;
Your method of tempting me should be taboo.
You encourage the breeding of cold discontent
At a time I am forced to begrudge every cent.

Please forgive me, kind sirs, I’ve just had a hard day.
Somehow, I completely got carried away.
Enclosed, find my check: amount ten ninety-two.
Send me three dozen diapers – standard size, white.

Thank you.




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