(This is my brother, mom and I on one of our little excursions. This time we were at Suttle Lake, Oregon. 2012)

I have always loved old stuff. The musty smell of books, the crinkle of fragile, yellowed paper, black and white and sepia toned photos. They all appeal to me.

Several years ago I started digging into my own family’s history a little bit more and realized just how much their legacy has been passed on to me. As I have learned about their lives and beliefs, their talents and weaknesses, it’s been a little like looking in an old mirror, clouded with age.

And then I discovered that it wasn’t just my family that intrigued me, but also the families of my friends and even perfect strangers. I’ve had countless conversations with people I barely know about the family they come from. Because, to some extent, that’s what makes us…us. Surely, whoever raised us was influenced by whoever raised them. And so the story goes.

Well, all that is to say, I really love hearing the stories behind the people and pictures. As a kid, I hated history classes. As an adult, I have realized how individuals fit into those historical events and suddenly history is the coolest!

I look forward to continuing to tell the story of my family as well as getting tell the story of yours. Contact me today to begin creating your legacy that will last through the generations!