Products and Prices

Historical Family Photo Album

Do have suitcases and boxes full of old photos that you don’t know what to do with? Let me organize those photos and create a beautiful album for you and your family to enjoy for generations to come. What better way to honor your ancestry than to pass it on through photographs and stories?

Each album holds 50 pages (100 layouts total) which is around 675 photos. I can also include birth certificates, land deeds, newspaper clippings, and photographs of memorabilia, like Grandpa’s old pocket watch. Additionally, I will include family lines in you have that information available as well as a few little anecdotes that you provide.

Albums with fewer pages can also be made. These are especially great if you want to highlight a particular event or person.

Price: $500.00
Includes 50-page album, papers, embellishments, etc. Turn around is dependent on how much sorting is done before hand. I’m happy to do it – it just might take a bit longer!


Event Album

Create an album celebrating a specific person or event. Albums are 10 – 20 pages.

Price: $200.00
Includes up to 20-page album, papers, embellishments. Turn around is about 1 week or less.

Additional pages may be added to either album at $10.00 per page.


Childhood Art Album

Safely store your child’s artwork, report cards, stories and certificates. Each album is a two inch D-ring binder. Your child’s work will be held in a clear page protector with dividers between each grade. I will work with you to determine what you may or may not want to let go of and then produce a quality album for you and your children to enjoy for years to come. From our family’s experience, I can say how much more excited kids are to look at their old work when it’s all in a book! Loads of memories are waiting to be discovered!

Price: $125
Includes all supplies. Turn around is one week or less.